Our ground floor may well satisfy the ardent Teddy Bear collector but for the Dolls House enthusiast our first floor is truly an Aladdin’s Cave, crammed full of furniture and accessories, there’s high chairs, low chairs, easy chairs, dining chairs, round tables, square tables, dining tables, a nest of tables, cupboards and cabinets in all shapes and sizes, there’s curtains and carpets and rugs, a huge range of wallpapers, fireplaces, furniture and fixtures for the lounge and dining room, bedroom and nursery, bathroom and kitchen. There’s lighting to suite every taste along with all the electrical components, you’ll find ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, prams, bicycles, pictures, sewing machines, mirrors, cups and saucers, clocks, cakes and tarts, pots and pans, pianos, violins, toys for the kids, hanging baskets and tubs, shovels and spades, brooms and barrows, birds and bird houses, a whole section of diy bits and pieces, fixtures and fittings for the shop or a pub, and hundreds more, throw in some display houses to whet the appetite, the list is endless, too much to catalogue here but a warm welcome awaits you in our beautiful shop where you can browse to your heart’s content.